MinkedbyKitty Lashes

MinkedbyKitty is here to cater to every girls needs by completing her look with the best and prettiest 3D and 5D Mink Lashes. 

MinkedbyKitty was started in September and has no me officially launched its own website. 

MinkedByKitty Lashes Ambassador Program

The MinkedByKitty Lashes Ambassador Program

I am so delighted that you have an interest in joining the MinkedByKitty Ambassador program. I started the business from the ground up and I am so happy about the progress MinkedByKitty has made. I am excited to bring a few women in to help me and I hope that this position not only is fun, but also remains professional and remembers the core values of MinkedByKitty Lashes.

MinkedByKitty Lashes was created in September 2019. The owner, Chelsea Catlin, decided that she wanted to do something creative for this business and dedicate a pair of lashes to each important woman or person in her life. MinkedByKitty in the last year has dedicated 24 lashes, one including a dedicated pair to the disease she battles every single day, Lupus. MinkedByKitty has also been able to include not only a custom lash glue, but also lash tweezers into her collection.

MinkedByKitty stands on the value of family and friendship. MinkedByKitty has been through many battles, but has also been blessed by many triumphs. Chelsea Catlin believes that it is important to give back respect to those who helped her along the way when she was not able to do for herself and therefore MinkedByKitty will always be more than just a business.

MinkedByKitty Lashes 

 Chelsea C. Catlin

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About Us

Chelsea Catlin


Hey guys! 

My name is Chelsea Catlin and I am the owner of MinkedbyKitty lash collection. A little background is I have been interested in makeup and getting a little more serious, specifically about lashes the last year or so. MinkedbyKitty lash collection is very special to me because each lash has a name. These names are names of very important women in my life, whether it be family, friends or even someone who is not either and impacted my life someway somehow. Some of these women are still with us and while some are not this is my way to show you how much I care about you and think of you every day as I create something for others to enjoy as well. 


If orders are placed and customer wants to pick up, orders can be picked up at address listed below. If for any reason you cannot pick up your order you will need to let me know as soon as possible and reschedule order pick up or schedule shipping. (Fees for shipping are not included on prices.)

Antioch, Tennessee 37013

Hours of Operation


6 p.m. to 8 p.m.


12 p.m. to 4 p.m.